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This is a D&D layout between my friend and me, so if you aren't one of us two, please don't edit anything in here. We are in the process of playing through the starter pack 5e adventure.


Name Role lvl Custom or Pre-made? Weapons of Note Other.
Fief Assassin Pre-made N/A
Dexter Warrior Pre-made N/A
Salazar Guardian Custom Sword of Necromancy N/A
Twilight Wizard Pre-made Necromancy affiliation
Zombie Zombie Summoned in last session

Plot Edit

Fief, Salazar, Dexter and Twilight have progressed along the starter pack adventure: The Lost Mine of Phandelver. Twilight has been killed once, but was revived in the Cragmaw Hideout. Our adventurers then made it to Phandalin, where they sold off loot and bought one or two weapons to assist in their journey. The adventurers are now in Redbrand's Hideout, where they just battled a nothic. Beating the nothic awarded Salazar the Sword of Necromancy. The characters idled while Twilight went to town, murdered a commoner in the shadows, and summoned a zombie using the corpse.

Weapons Created Edit

(not all have been edited and/or approved by the DM yet)


Modifier DMG Type of DMG Effect Rarity
Sword of Necromancy +2 1d6+1 Slashing When attack is successful, regain 1/4 of damage dealt as health points. Rare
Daggers of Ruin +2 1d4 Piercing If both attacks are successful, the enemy makes a dc 13 constitution save. If they fail, they become ruined and take 1d4 damage at the start of each turn until they make a dc 13 constitution save at the end of their turn. Does not stack. Rare
Bow of the Ancients +10 1d20 Piercing When this attack goes through and kills the target, the target turns into either black stardust or stardust. Roll to decide. If you roll and get a 15 or higher it turns into 1 black stardust. If you roll 1-14 you get stardust.

What is needed to make Bow of the Ancients:

1 black rock

1 star rock

1 long bow


Sacrifice of a a character

NOTE: Bow of the Ancients must be made not found!!!


Items Created Edit

(not all have been edited and/or approved by the DM yet)

Name Modifier Effect Rarity
Treasure Hunter’s Pendant + (Survival modifier) Roll a d20 to increase chance of loot drop of a respective rarity.

None: 1-5

Common: 6-11

Uncommon: 12-17

Rare: 17-20

Legendary: 21+

Cloak of invisibility + (Stealth modifier) Adds +3 to you stealth modifier. Uncommon
Moon Stone + (persuasion modifier) Roll a d20. If you roll a 15 or above you hypnotize the opponent. The

opponent must make an intelligence saving throw. On the saving throw, the opponent has disadvantage. If you succeed you have control over that character for 3 turns. This work for anyone. (don't edit this and I made it this way so it will pretty much never fail and also Black legend means better than legendary. ALSO I know its pretty cheesy but Its so powerful that it needed another rarity. ALSO you can change the name if you want to like godlike material. Btw delete this when you read this so I know you read this.)

Stardust none (crafting item) The dust of a fallen star. Uncommon
Star rock none

(crafting Item)

A GIANT fallen star. 1 star rock can make about 1000 amounts of stardust. Legendary
Black Stardust none

(crafting Item)

the dust of an ancient celestial being that was here millions of years before humans. Legendary
Black Rock none

(crafting Item)

A rock chunk of an ancient celestial being. This converts into 10 Black Stardust. Legendary

Spells Created Edit

(not all have been edited and/or approved by the DM yet)


lvl approved?



Requirements to Cast

Life Leech 2 Yes +(Arcana) 1d4- 1 -Small amount of Ink Drawing upon the necromantic powers, up to three targets can be life leeched. Each attack restores 1hp to the user.
Unleash the Hoard! 5 not yet +(Arcana) none -10-15 corpses or piles of bones

-small pile of Stardust

Roll a 1d20 if a 20 or higher this spell succeeds. Spend 1 turn creating an undead amy that is under your control for 10 hours. This creates 10-15 skeletons or zombies depending on if its a corps or pile of bones. All summoned units are under control of the summoner. For Wizard to command the undead, he/she must have line of sight to each zombie/skeleton.
Insanity 3 not yet +(Arcana) 1d4 -small pile of black Stardust Target a small or medium figure within 60 feet. If you roll a 14 or higher the target becomes insane. The insane person or creature attacks, using DM's choice of attack, the target closest no matter if it ally or enemy. Insanity lasts for 1 turn. The chosen target must make a charisma saving throw to stop insanity.
Identify 3 not yet +(Arcana) none -Verbal expression Roll 1d20. On a 16 or higher the DM tells you one trait about the chosen target. On a critical roll (20, without modifier) the DM tells you the Attack, Armor and life of the chosen target.
Self-destruct cantrip No +(Arcana) 20d20 none this attack does 1000 damage+the damage form the 20d20. this attack hits everybody in a 1000ft radius. the caster dies in the process. It hurts everything in the 1000 by 1000 ft radius.
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